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Reality-Based Self-Defence (RBSD)

Reality-Based Self-Defence (RBSD) Classes

A.I.M. Academy provides self-defence training, or what is known in the martial arts community as Reality-Based Self-Defence (RBSD), Personal Protection, Personal Safety or Self-Protection.

RBSD covers not only the physical aspects of self-defence (which is where most martial arts schools focus), but also the psychological and emotional elements, as well as pre-fight and post-fight aspects of confrontations.

Our training method includes live “pressure testing” with non-compliant partners, as well scenario replications (simulations or role-playing) to produce a more realistic experience and response to real-life self-defence situations.

RBSD principles are incorporated into our Teens Training, Warrior Women Training, Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima-Kali-Arnis) Training, and at times in our Martial Fitness, Boxing and Kickboxing / Muay Thai classes.

Above: Robert Halaijian teaching RBSD at the Self-Defence Training Day