11 January 2013

Nino Pilla Seminar

With over 35 years experience in the martial arts, Sifu/Guro Nino Pilla is one of the top Jeet Kune Do instructors in the world, regularly features […]
28 November 2011

Blitz Martial Arts Magazine – Special Offer

FREE 1 WEEK TRIAL Special Offer for Blitz Readers! Bring in your copy of the Blitz Martial Arts Magazine (December 2011 issue) to take advantage of […]
26 October 2010
Self-Defence Training Day

Self-Defence Training Day 2010

With the rising incidences of knife attacks, glassings, and racially-motivated assaults, it’s becoming more and more important to learn, drill and develop effective self-defence skills. According […]
26 October 2010
Knife Super Seminar

Knife Super Seminar

From the classical, traditional knife-fighting arts of South-East Asia to realistic modern-day urban knife-defence Immerse yourself in 12-Hours of Intensive Training on Knife-Fighting Arts and Knife-Defence! […]
21 October 2010

Crazy Monkey Seminar

Crazy Monkey Hits A.I.M. Academy! Wayne Ardley of Crazy Monkey Victoria will be teaching a 3-hour Seminar (in place of our regular Friday night Sparring class). […]