30 October 2011
Women's Self-Defence Course - A.I.M. Academy - Robert Halaijian - Kacey Chong

Women’s Self-Defence Course – Empowering Women To Fight Back!

On 11 September 2011, A.I.M. Academy Instructors, Kacey Chong and Robert Halaijian, taught a full-day Women’s Self-Defence Course. We were joined by a fantastic group of […]
26 October 2011
Blitz Magazine Drill of the Month - Nov 2011 - Kacey Chong

“Drill of the Month: Get the Edge” Article, as seen in the Blitz Martial Arts Magazine

Drill of the Month with Kacey Chong: Get the Edge Uncomplicated Knife-defence – Simple stuff to save your life A.I.M. Academy Senior Instructor, Kacey Chong, is […]
3 September 2011

12-Hour Immersion into the Knife-Fighting Arts of South East Asia – A Great Success!

On Sunday 28 August 2011, the A.I.M. Academy held a 12-Hour Immersion Session on the Knife-Fighting Arts of South-East Asia. The 12-hour day was taught by […]
31 August 2011
Boxing, Street-Boxing, Sparring Workshop by Deane Lawler at A.I.M. Academy

Boxing, Street-Boxing & Sparring Workshop – A Real Hit!

The A.I.M. Academy hosted a Boxing, Street-Boxing and Sparring Workshop on 26 August 2011, which was taught by Guest Instructor, Deane Lawler, all the way from […]
13 June 2011
AIM Academy

A.I.M. Academy Social Event – Happy 1st Anniversary!

It’s our 1st Anniversary in Footscray! Time flies! It’s been one year since the A.I.M. Academy opened our doors at our Footscray Headquarters! What a fantastic […]
2 June 2011
A.I.M. Academy - Interclub - Boxing

Ross Wins His Boxing Match!

Boxing A.I.M. Academy Member, Ross Barling (left), picks up his third win at the Interclub Challenge A.I.M. Academy Member, Ross Barling, was entered under Boxing rules […]
31 May 2011
Richard Dimitri

Richard Dimitri – Senshido Self-Protection Seminar

On Saturday 14 May, Richard Dimitri (Founder of Senshido) taught the Fundamentals of Personal Protection Seminar at Monash University, Clayton. Melbourne was the last stop of […]
25 May 2011
A.I.M. Academy Bring-a-Friend Winners

Bring-a-Friend Winners!

A big Thank You to everyone who got involved in our recent “Bring-a-Friend” promotion & brought a friend to training at the A.I.M. Academy! All our […]
18 April 2011

A.I.M. Academy Social Event – UFC 129 over Lunch & Drinks!

A.I.M. Academy Members and friends got together for a social gathering at the Melbourne Central Lion Hotel on Sunday 1 May. We had lunch & drinks […]