Join us for our Self-Defence Essentials Workshop in Melbourne!!

No experience necessary! All welcome!

Self-Defence Melbourne

NOTE: This Self-Defence Workshop is suitable for ages 18 yrs and above, at any fitness level.


Here are some of the topics you will be learning at the Workshop:

  • The ONE defence EVERYONE should know
  • How to defend against an attack from behind
  • How to overcome your fears and the ‘freeze’ response
  • How to kick-start your ‘fight or flight’ response
  • How to use your voice as a weapon
  • The ONE thing you must pay attention to, and not ignore
  • And much, much more

Get your friends together and join us for this realisticeffective & practical self-defence workshop, which will cover the Essentials of Self-Defence and topics such as:

  • How To Deal With The Potentially Fatal ‘King-Hit’ (a.k.a. Sucker PunchCoward Punch)
  • Learn From Case Studies Of Others Who Have Successfully Defended Themselves
  • Watch And Analyse CCTV Footage Of Ambush Attacks
  • Understand The Anatomy Of Assault And The Process That All Attacks Go Through
  • How To Detect Danger, Be A Hard Target And Avoid Being Selected As a Victim
  • States of Awareness And What Criminals Look For In Victims
  • How Criminals Test, Interview Or Intimidate Their Victims
  • How To Use Your Intuition Or Gut Feelings To Prevent An Attack
  • How To De-Escalate Hostile Confrontations
  • Why Escape Is Always Preferred To Fighting
  • How To Fight With Venom!
  • How To Use Your Natural Instincts To Defend Yourself
  • Learn About The Soft Spots & Vulnerabilities All Attackers Have
  • Understanding the Predator Mindset and How To Overcome It
  • How To Shift Your Mindset From ‘Prey’ To ‘Predator
  • How To Improve Your Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, and Your Chances Of Survival
  • Understanding The Legal And Moral Implications Of Self-Defence


Read what others have to say about our Self-Defence Programs:

“This should be a must for every female. Often, we think that unpleasant encounters won’t happen to us, however, they can and do. Don’t get into a state of shock or powerlessness when these things happen. Be prepared by having the knowledge!” – Krissie Cao

“I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend to all my friends!” – Meg Clarke

“As a person with a martial arts background, I found it very informational and I feel more able to avoid bad situations & I have a plan it it came to it. Self-Defence education and training is a must for all the people you love.” – Yahvinah Morris

“I learnt how to defend and not to automatically be afraid of someone larger. I think it’s great for women to be aware of what they can do and this program will achieve that for them.” – Tina Okey

“I feel more empowered now!” – Jessica Quigley

“Excellent workshop – very helpful & practical. Excellent tutors.” – Lauren Taylor

“The most important thing I learnt was that if I change my mindset, I have the power / possibility of changing the outcome. I found that practicing the techniques & talking through the stages made me feel more secure in my ability and less afraid.” – Jemma Gullen

“It is really eye-opening and something everyone should know. The trainers are great and easy to understand.” – Roxanne Betts


Date: Sunday 15 September 2019

Time: 12pm – 2:30pm (Arrive at 12pm for Registration)


  • Arrive at 12pm for Registration
  • Please be on time for Registration to complete paperwork, so we can get started on time at 12:30pm
  • Workshop runs from 12:30pm – 2:30pm

Venue: The Glasshouse, The Hub @ Docklands, 80 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands VIC 3008

Public Transport: Short walk from Southern Cross Train Station

Parking: There are several paid parking lots nearby, including Wilson Parking at 800 Bourke St, Docklands

What to Wear: Warm, comfortable clothing and runners

What to Bring: Towel, bottle of water, notepad, pen


Standard Ticket: $120 per person

Early Bird Offer: $100 per person (available until Sunday 1 September 2019)

Bring a Friend Offer: $80 per person (available until Sunday 1 September 2019)

Places are limited to 20 participants.

Note: We manage our Ticket Bookings with a ticketing system called Eventbrite. Eventbrite charges a small ticketing fee on top of ours, to process bookings and payments.


All participants will receive FREE access to our NEWSelf-Defence 101Online Course (RRP $197).

Our Self-Defence 101Online Course is a 12-Week Course with 12 modules, consisting of short video lessons, which will give you a solid understanding of our Survival-Based Self-Defence System, and also learning the Warrior Mindset required to kick out of the ‘freeze‘ mode and into the ‘Fight or Flight‘ response.


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If you know of any colleagues, friends or family who would benefit from Self-Defence training and education, feel free to invite them along.

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