Self-Defence Workshop | Monash University | 28 Apr 2017

Join us for this 3-Hour ‘Self-Defence Essentials’ Workshop!

Learn how to protect yourself & your loved ones, live with confidence, and stay safe!

Get your friends together and join us for this realistic, effective & practical Self-Defence Workshop

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We will cover topics such as:

  • How To Be A Hard Target And Avoid Being Selected As a Victim
  • How to Raise Your State of Awareness
  • Understand What Criminals Look For In Victims
  • How Criminals Test, “Interview” Or Intimidate Their Victims
  • How To Use Your Intuition Or Gut Feelings To Avoid An Attack
  • How To De-Escalate And Talk Your Way Out Of Hostile Confrontation
  • Why Escape Is Always Preferred To Fighting
  • How to Recognise Things That Can Be Used As A Weapon Against You
  • How To Use Everyday Objects As A Tool To Defend Yourself
  • How to Escape Grabs & Holds
  • How To Fight Back With “Venom”!
  • How To Survive Attacks From The Ground
  • Learn About The Soft Spots & Vulnerabilities All Attackers Have
  • How To Shift Your Mindset From Prey To Predator
  • How To Improve Your Fitness, Strength & Conditioning And Your Chances Of Survival
  • Understanding The Legal And Moral Implications Of Self-Defence

This Self-Defence Workshop is suitable for everyone aged 15 yrs and above, and of any fitness level.

No previous experience necessary. All welcome!

Corporate Self-Defence | Melbourne | A.I.M. Academy

What you will gain from attending this Self-Defence Workshop:

  • Certificate of Participation
  • Personal Safety Handout
  • Life-saving knowledge & skills!
Women's Self-Defence Workshop


Women's Self-Defence Workshop

Hear what others have to say about our Self-Defence Programs:

“This should be a must for every female. Often, we think that unpleasant encounters won’t happen to us, however, they can and do. Don’t get into a state of shock or powerlessness when these things happen. Be prepared by having the knowledge!” – Krissie Cao

“I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend to all my female friends!” – Meg Clarke

“As a person with a martial arts background, I found it very informational and I feel more able to avoid bad situations & I have a plan it it came to it. Self-Defence education and training is a must for all the people you love.”– Yahvinah Morris

“I learnt how to defend and not to automatically be afraid of someone larger. I think it’s great for women to be aware of what they can do and this program will achieve that for them.” – Tina Okey

“I feel more empowered now!” – Jessica Quigley

“Excellent workshop – very helpful & practical. Excellent tutors.” – Lauren Taylor

“The most important thing I learnt was that if I change my mindset, I have the power / possibility of changing the outcome. I found that practicing the techniques & talking through the stages made me feel more secure in my ability and less afraid.” – Jemma Gullen

“It is really eye-opening and something everyone should know. The trainers are great and easy to understand.” – Roxanne Betts


Date: Friday 28 April 2017

Time: Arrive at 5:30pm for Registration. Workshop runs from 6pm – 9pm.

Please note that the Workshop might run overtime so that we can address all your questions during our Q&A session towards the end of the Workshop.

Instructors: Our team of experienced instructors from A.I.M. Academy (female & male instructors)

Venue: Monash Sport (Venue TBC), Sports & Recreation Centre (Building 1), Wellington Rd, Monash University, Clayton VIC 3800 (Australia)

Parking: Free parking in blue zone on Fridays after 4pm (check parking signs carefully, just in case)

What to bring: Notepad, pen, water, snacks

What to wear: Warm, comfortable clothing for training (e.g. t-shirt, trackpants, jumper)

Corporate Self-Defence Melbourne | A.I.M. Academy | Mission Australia

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This event is proudly presented by the Women’s Department of the Monash Student Association (MSA)

in collaboration with the Campus Community Division

in partnership with A.I.M. Academy (Australian Integrated Martial Arts Academy)

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