Hakarac Martial Boxing – Dirty Striking Seminar

The A.I.M. Academy hosted a “Dirty Striking” Seminar on 20 July 2012, taught by Guest Instructor from Perth, Mannie de Matos. Mannie showed the group how to take their current boxing skills and transfer them into street-defence skills with his unique blend of “dirty striking” from Hakarac Martial Boxing.

Hakarac Seminar at A.I.M. Academy - Mannie de Matos

Above: Warming up with focus mitt drills

This “Dirty Strikes” Seminar focused on providing participants with methodologies and techniques in being pro-active in a dangerous situation where the threat cannot be met in a “fair and honourable” manner.

Topics covered included:

– Predatory strikes
– Dirty strikes
– Positioning skills
– Distracting skills
– Committing skills
– Knock out skills

Hakarac Seminar at A.I.M. Academy - Group Photo

Above: Group shot!


About Mannie de MatosMannie de Matos

Mannie de Matos has many years of experience in the security industry, training security professionals & law enforcement personnel in Australia and overseas. He is also a regular contributor to Blitz Australasian Martial Arts Magazine.