Filipino Martial Arts Seminar in Warrnambool

A.I.M. Academy Instructors, Robert Halaijian and Kacey Chong, taught a 6-Hour Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima-Kali-Arnis) Seminar on Saturday 28 July in Warrnambool (Victoria, Australia), covering:

– Single-Stick
– Double-Stick
– Machete
– Knife
– Kerambit
– Empty-hand Combat, including close-quarter striking and non-telegraphic striking
– Footwork for evasion, spinning and aerial techniques
– Self-Defence Principles

Special thanks to Ted Argyle of Adrenalin Martial Arts for hosting!

Filipino Martial Arts Seminar - Warrnambool


Hello Kacey and Robert,

Thanks again for making the trip. It was great to see you two in action!

You two guys ROCK!!

P.S. If anyone has a school, contact Robert Halaijian & Kacey Chong for a seminar. You will thank me later! 🙂

– Ted Argyle, Head Instructor, Adrenalin Martial Arts


Awesome Seminar today, training with sticks, knives, kerambits and machettes, pretty awesome! Awesome stick combos including spins/aerial techniques!

A big thanks to Robert Halaijian and Kacey Chong for teaching us, and big thanks to Ted Argyle for getting yet another awesome seminar for us at Adrenalin!! 😀

– Siobhan Connor, Adrenalin Martial Arts