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Fighting For Lives: 6-Hour Reality-Based Self-Defence Training Day (11 Nov 2012)

Thanks to everyone who came along to support a great cause & help raise $1,020 for underprivileged kids.

What a fantastic day of training with lots of laughs!!

You guys ROCK!!!

Reality-Based Self-Defence Training Day at A.I.M. Academy

Above: Group shot!

During this 6-Hour Reality-Based Self-Defence Intensive Training Day, we covered topics such as:

– How to raise your state of awareness with various awareness drills

– Verbal de-escalation and how to talk your way out of a hostile situation

– Defence against unarmed attacks

– Defence against knife-attacks, and other edged weapons or sharps, such as bottles, glasses, syringes

– Defence against multiple attackers, such as muggings, gang attacks

Training included technical skill development, as well as pressure-testing (or stress-testing), where participants applied the skills learnt under pressure.

Scenario-based training (similar to role-playing) was also used to create realistic scenes that participants might find themselves in. This creates a similar psychological and emotional response to a real self-defence situation, which allows participants to test the skills they have learnt under a more realistic, yet safe, training environment.


For more photos from the event, check out our photo album on our Facebook Page (click on image below):


Fighting For Lives Photo Album



About “Fighting for Lives”

This 6-Hour Reality-Based Self-Defence Training Day is proudly brought to you by the A.I.M. Academy in partnership with “Fighting for Lives”

Fighting For Lives - Reality-Based Self-Defence Training Day

“Fighting for Lives” is a martial arts-based charity that helps street kids and orphanages in Africa & South East Asia.

This event is part of a global “Fighting for Lives” weekend where martial arts schools all over the world will be running martial arts and self-defence events to support the cause.

100% of all proceeds from this event will be donated to “Fighting for Lives”.

For more information on Fighting for Lives, visit: http://www.fightingforlives.com/