Martial Arts Masters

Martial Arts Masters DVD

Dan Inosanto | Larry Hartsell | Surachai Sirisute

The World’s Most In Demand Martial Arts Instructors On A 3 DVD Instructional Box Set

3 Discs x 80 minutes each

Martial Arts Masters DVD Dan Inosanto

Disc 1: Dan Inosanto

  • Worldwide Head of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do
  • The only person in the world to be certified by Bruce Lee as a Jeet Kune Do Instructor
  • ‘Black Belt’ Hall of Fame Award “1983 Instructor of the Year”

Martial Arts Masters DVD Surachai SirisuteDisc 2: Surachai Sirisute

  • Introduced the art of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) to over 20 countries
  • A veteran of over 90 Muay Thai contests
  • Trainer to numerous Law Enforcement and military agencies including the US Navy Seals

Martial Arts Masters DVD Larry HartsellDisc 3: Larry Hartsell

  • Former student of Bruce Lee and Ed Parker
  • One of the World’s foremost close range combat experts
  • Certified Jeet Kune Do Instructor
  • Associate degree in criminology with over 10 years practical law enforcement experience

Special Features

  • Looping scene selections for training purposes
  • Information pages
  • Web connection

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