13 June 2011
AIM Academy

A.I.M. Academy Social Event – Happy 1st Anniversary!

It’s our 1st Anniversary in Footscray! Time flies! It’s been one year since the A.I.M. Academy opened our doors at our Footscray Headquarters! What a fantastic […]
2 June 2011
A.I.M. Academy - Interclub - Boxing

Ross Wins His Boxing Match!

Boxing A.I.M. Academy Member, Ross Barling (left), picks up his third win at the Interclub Challenge A.I.M. Academy Member, Ross Barling, was entered under Boxing rules […]
31 May 2011
Richard Dimitri

Richard Dimitri – Senshido Self-Protection Seminar

On Saturday 14 May, Richard Dimitri (Founder of Senshido) taught the Fundamentals of Personal Protection Seminar at Monash University, Clayton. Melbourne was the last stop of […]
25 May 2011
A.I.M. Academy Bring-a-Friend Winners

Bring-a-Friend Winners!

A big Thank You to everyone who got involved in our recent “Bring-a-Friend” promotion & brought a friend to training at the A.I.M. Academy! All our […]
18 April 2011

A.I.M. Academy Social Event – UFC 129 over Lunch & Drinks!

A.I.M. Academy Members and friends got together for a social gathering at the Melbourne Central Lion Hotel on Sunday 1 May. We had lunch & drinks […]
18 April 2011
A.I.M. Academy - Taira Masaji Sensei Seminar

Taira Masaji Sensei (8th Dan, Jundokan) – Advanced Kata & Bunkai Seminar

Proudly Sponsored by the A.I.M. Academy On Saturday 16 April & Sunday 17 April 2011, martial artists from many different styles gathered at Monash University to […]
30 March 2011
A.I.M. Academy - Andrew Gallus

And The Winner Is…

The A.I.M. Academy held a 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge recently. The winner of “The Biggest Loser” Award (person who lost the most weight as a percentage […]
23 March 2011
A.I.M. Academy Sydney Knife Seminar

6-Hour Knife-Defence Seminar in Sydney

Robert Halaijian and Kacey Chong of the A.I.M. Academy taught a 6-Hour Knife-Defence Seminar at Fight Rite Gym in Blacktown (Sydney, NSW) on Saturday 19 March. […]
23 March 2011
A.I.M. Academy Krabi Krabong - Kacey Chong

Knife-Defence & Krabi Krabong Seminar

Robert Halaijian & Kacey Chong of the A.I.M. Academy taught a Knife-Defence & Krabi Krabong Seminar on Thursday 17 March at G.V. Martial Arts in Shepparton. […]