11 January 2013

Nino Pilla Seminar

With over 35 years experience in the martial arts, Sifu/Guro Nino Pilla is one of the top Jeet Kune Do instructors in the world, regularly features […]
7 January 2013
Martial Arts Melbourne - A.I.M. Academy

Start Martial Arts & Self-Defence Training Today!

Kick into action with martial arts and self-defence training! Get fit & healthy this year at the A.I.M. Academy! Start your 30-Day Trial today! The 30-Day […]
16 November 2012
A.I.M. Academy Fighter, John Luong, Wins State Titles

John Wins Boxing State Title by TKO in the First Round!

The Victorian Amateur Boxing League (VABL) State Titles were held on Friday 9 November 2012 in Geelong. Congratulations to A.I.M. Academy fighter, John Luong, on winning […]
12 November 2012
Fighting For Lives - Reality-Based Self-Defence Training Day

Fighting For Lives: 6-Hour Reality-Based Self-Defence Training Day (11 Nov 2012)

Thanks to everyone who came along to support a great cause & help raise $1,020 for underprivileged kids. What a fantastic day of training with lots […]
29 July 2012
Muay Thai - A.I.M. Academy - John Luong

John wins his first Muay Thai fight by first round TKO in Thailand!

Congratulations to A.I.M. Academy Member, John Luong, on winning his first Muay Thai fight in Thailand last night by TKO in the first round!! Awesome job, […]
28 July 2012
Filipino Martial Arts Seminar - Warrnambool

Filipino Martial Arts Seminar in Warrnambool

[videoembed type=”youtube” ratio=”sixteen_by_nine” width=”500″ url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0cmZZb3620&feature=plcp” id=”video-0″] A.I.M. Academy Instructors, Robert Halaijian and Kacey Chong, taught a 6-Hour Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima-Kali-Arnis) Seminar on Saturday 28 July […]
21 July 2012
Mannie de Matos

Hakarac Martial Boxing – Dirty Striking Seminar

The A.I.M. Academy hosted a “Dirty Striking” Seminar on 20 July 2012, taught by Guest Instructor from Perth, Mannie de Matos. Mannie showed the group how […]
16 July 2012
A.I.M. Academy - Bendigo Fight Night

Bendigo Fight Night (14 July 2012)

Well done to Paul Truong on winning his first boxing fight by unanimous decision!! Ross Barling fought a hard fight against a tough & aggressive opponent […]
11 July 2012
Boxing & Kickboxing at Interclub - Paul

Boxing & Kickboxing Highlights Video: Interclub Challenge (May 2012)

[videoembed type=”youtube” ratio=”sixteen_by_nine” width=”540″ url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk5vUeO2tFQ&feature=player_embedded” shadow=”yes” id=”video-0″] Click on the video above to see the video highlights of our Boxing & Kickboxing fights from the Interclub […]